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Дневник биеннале. Комикс

ВЛАДИСЛАВ КРУЧИНСКИЙ ходит по выставкам, ярмаркам и прочим мероприятиям

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Дневник биеннале. Комикс








  • полиционер пьяный· 2011-09-24 10:11:16
    Почему не затронут D.V.D.A. дискурс?
  • полиционер пьяный· 2011-09-24 11:33:17
    Im just amerikan. I dont see D.V.D.A artprojekts on a moscowbiennale. Why?! In New York (i was born in NY) make all artist D.V.D.A art. Why in Russia no D.V.D.A.?
    I think – no D.V.D.A in russian artworld no civilisation in your country. My son make D.V.D.A. in elementary School every day, you dont know D.V.D.A. even. You live in wild country. D.V.D.A. or a dead!
    Thank you for your attention. Bob with love. I bellive – D.V.D.A. culture come in your country in the near future.
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